Sunday, July 25, 2010

Happy Birthday

to the sweetest husband and father in town!!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Back to the beach

The boys and I, along with Grannie spent a lovely long summer day at the beach last weekend. It is always so great to be back at the ocean. Even though I haven't lived on the coast in years, having grown up on one, it feels so right to be on the beach, hearing the crash of the waves, smelling the salty air and feeling the warm sand between my toes. And the boys just adore it- being wet, sandy and salty all day feels just right to them too. Hopefully this will be just the first of many beach days we enjoy this summer...especially since we are now a cast free zone!!! We had our last visit with the orthopedic doc a few days ago and they sawed that cast right off Sam's arm and gave him the green light for normal activities. Woo hoo! Let the swimming begin!

Atti the eater

Have I mentioned here how much Atti loves to eat? He spends much of his day sitting right here in this chair, happily consuming pretty much anything I present him with. And it seems he spends the rest of the day he walking around asking for food, specifically "Cracks!", his word for crackers, although any snack item will usually do. I hope he always be this agreeable, easy to please, and ready to eat!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy 4th!!

Hope you all had a great holiday weekend. Ours was fun and full of music and fireworks, just as it should be!

We started off with the annual Preservation Hall Jazz Band concert at the Mondavi winery. It was a gorgeous day, and the lawn was packed with fellow revelers. Grannie, Grandpa M., and the boys and I got there just as the music was starting. Jeff had staked out a perfect spot for us, where we able to listen to the fabulous music, sip some yummy wine, and watch the boys cavorting around. Once it was dark enough, we enjoyed the firework display, right over the vineyards in front of us. Awesome!! Jeff was busy working for most of the evening, but he did get to watch the fireworks with us.

Pre-concert shots.

My, how these boys have all grown since July 4th, 2009!!

At the winery.

We bumped into one of Sam's good friend. Such handsome young men!

I think Atti had a good time!