Friday, March 16, 2012


Last month we took a trip down to Monterey to celebrate our boys' birthdays. We asked the older two if they would like a friend party or a family adventure this year, and they agreed on the adventure! We easily decided on the Monterey aquarium, a spot Jeff and I had visited before having any kids at all. We knew they would love it, and they did! Although, they might have enjoyed the hotel room and breakfast buffet more. Apparently our children have very simple taste...

The aquarium is awesome! It's quite large, but not overwhelming, although we did go two days in a row, which was key to being able to see everything without rushing.

Lots of gorgeous fish!


Crazy looking sun fish.

Jellyfish. A favorite of mine.

Checking it out!

Gigantic fish
Amazing sea dragons.
Wave room
Obligatory, but not very good, family shot.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Father and son date

Jeff has started a new tradition, which involves taking each boy out to dinner to commemorate their 10th birthday. He and Sam had their date last week. They had a lovely time. Alone time with dad is so very special.

I can still hardly believe that this baby boy of mine is 10 years old!

It, however, appears to be the truth.

Rainy days

We are having quite the late winter storm around these parts, which means lots of time spent inside doing some of most favorite things:


Card games:


Snuggling with our kitty:
Dance party:
(these boys have some major moves!)

Monday, March 5, 2012

If Atti were a small brown haired boy

he would look something like this.

And I would spend all day giggling at him!

Quote of the day

From my boy, Patch.

"Mom, do you think we should re-name the coffee table? Because we never use it for coffee!!"