Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Quote of the day

Just now overheard from the boys, rushing into the backyard to gather weapons and arm themselves.

Sam says, "Patch, I'm a medieval samurai- who are you going to be?"

This was followed by a few quick minutes of tactical conversation before Patch busts out with, "I know! I'll be a Japanese elf!"

"Yeah!" agrees Sam enthusiastically. And with the clamor of swords drawn, they are off for a legendary battle between the well known samurai, and the lesser known, but no less lethal, Japanese elf!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Back to Monterey

Remember back in February when we went to Monterey? Atti is still talking about how awesome it was to stay in a hotel room. Does he mention the aquarium? Nope. The beach? Not once. But the room, with it's multiple beds and a microwave and a refrigerator- yep, still talkin' about it!

Anyway, we also visited this great park that I'd heard about from a few different people. Now, I generally do not get very excited about playgrounds, having been frequenting them for 10 years now, but even I will admit that this spot was pretty cool.

We all had a great time...just watch out for those limbs!

Post nap hair

getting crazier by the day!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter and Iowa Grandmas!

We had a great weekend with Grandmas B and Jane. They are always so much fun! They did lots of reading, playing, and marching around the block! It was a quick visit, but filled with lots of happy times.

They were able to attend a sweet egg hunt and picnic with the Stone Bridge kindergarten.

We colored LOTS of easter eggs together.

We played a raucous game of Napa Monopoly, in which Sam proved to be the wine country land baron.
And there were some egg finding festivities here on Sunday as well!

Hope you all had a fun filled Easter (or Passover) weekend as well!!