Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Wedding In Boulder

Hi to all you mosher boy fans! We are just back from a fun filled weekend in Boulder, CO where Jeff's little brother, Joe lives. He married a wonderful woman named Vanessa, and we were lucky enough to join them for all the wedding festivities. Jeff and Sam were both part of the wedding party and looked extremely handsome in their fancy attire, as you can see!

Here we all are, shortly before the ceremony.

Here's Jeff giving Sam a little pre ceremony pep talk. As you can see, Elias is hanging on Jeff's every word, so he can be prepared to jump in as Sam's understudy if necessary.

Here is Sam, directly following the ceremony. As you can tell, being a junior groomsman is very difficult and tiring work.

And here we have the lovely newlyweds. Congratulations Joe and Vanessa!

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