Saturday, February 2, 2008

Prince Patchie is 2!!!

At 7:10am, two years ago today, Mr. Elias made his watery way into this world. Our house was dark and quiet, with only our midwife and her assistant joining our little family for the big event. As Sam cheered me on, Jeff's hands caught our little guy under water and brought him up to my chest. He was so beautiful- even with that funny, scrunched up and blue-ish face! What an amazing morning that was for us all. And how happy he has made us since then. He is such a sweet, funny, inquisitive, and daring boy- he keeps us on our toes, but laughing all the while.

Here are a few pics from this day, two years ago.

He's finally here!
Proud big brother.

Phew- that was some hard work!
And just this morning, at his birthday breakfast.

Happy Birthday, Elias. I love you!!

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Chris said...

Happy Birthday Elias! We can't believe you are 2 already - what a big boy! We also can't wait to meet you, it really will happen one day. Hope you had a fabulous day!
rachel, chris, ben and daniel