Sunday, August 24, 2008

Dental Excitement

So we learned at the beginning of this summer that Sam, ahead of the curve as usual, had an extra baby tooth lodged in his gums between his two top middle teeth. We had an x-ray taken and it looked like his adult teeth were already starting to grow all wonky, as they had no real place to go, due to said extra tooth. After a bit of hemming and hawing, we decided to have one of Sam's baby teeth pulled so the dentist could then remove the extra tooth, giving his adult teeth a chance to come in a straight, and us a chance to avoid thousands of dollars in orthodontia later in life.
Predictably, I was the most nervous on our way to the dentist. We scheduled the appointment on Jeff's day off, so he could accompany Sam (read me) on this little adventure. They whisked Sam away almost as soon as we walked into the office and brought him back out a mere 20 minutes later. He was a little pale and a little swollen, but smiling as he presented us with a little case holding his two surprisingly large baby teeth. These were the first teeth Sam "lost" and he was pretty proud. He got a glowing report from the dentist, who was impressed both by his cooperation and by the fact that when asked what he would like to watch on the tv during the operation, Sam requested the Olympics!
A funny side note to all of this is that when I was doing some research about extra baby teeth, I learned that it is usually hereditary. When I was telling Morgan about it he was like, "Well yeah- don't you remember the set of braces I had to have, all due to one little extra baby tooth????" Hey, thanks for passing that along, Uncle Mo!



Jill said...

looking good, surfer-boy!

Shoshana said...

Zula : "Where's his baby teeth?" (She requests a picture)