Friday, June 12, 2009

1st grade- Done!

Sam is officially on his way to 2nd grade now. He finished school this week with a lot of great memories, tons of artwork, and his very first main lesson book. His school is a Waldorf methods charter, which means that it operates separately from public schools and the various requirements and strict curriculum you find there. Stonebridge emphasizes education through arts, creative and imaginative play, and helping the kids "learn how to learn." Along with math and writing, Sam's 1st grade class integrated knitting, playing the recorder, spanish, drama, and dance into their curriculum. And instead of workbooks or textbooks, each students crafts their own individual books for each subject they worked on over the course of the year, recording and illustrating each lesson taught. At the end of the year, the books are combined and bound, creating the main lesson book that Sam came home with on the last day of school. It is a beautiful creation.

Sam and his classmates put on an amazing play for their families this past week. It was so impressive to see this group of 30 seven year olds singing and speaking in front of a quite sizable group of friends and families. The kids memorized SO much- songs, lines, poems, movements- really, it was incredible.

And following directly on the heels of his last day of school, was the start of another adventure for Sam. He and Grannie flew off to Fairbanks, Alaska for two weeks. They will meet up with Grandpa Moustache, who is already there, staying with Gaj (Great Aunt Jill) and Gus (Great Uncle Sada), and cousin Liz. Sam was so excited for his big trip. We are missing him already, but so happy that he and Grannie have this amazing opportunity!

The !st grade class, on stage.

The brave knights.

Post play silliness.

Grannie, with her boys.We'll miss you Grannie and Sam. Have fun and hurry home to us!!

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