Thursday, August 27, 2009

Summer flashback

A few weeks ago, a hot air balloon landed right in front of our house, literally feet away from our door. It was pretty crazy! They fly over our house regularly on the weekends, as hot air balloon rides is a popular weekend activity in the Napa Valley. But this particular weekend was a bit more exciting. Jeff comes rushing into the house to grab the camera, saying over his shoulder, "I think a hot air balloon is about to land on our house!" I'm just getting back to sleep after a restless night with Atti and am prepared to ignore him, and what I am sure is some extreme exaggerating on his part. Moments later I hear this loud wooshing kind of noise that I associate with the balloons, but MUCH louder than normal. I jump out of bed and poke my head out the back door to see this huge balloon, looking like it is about 2 feet from landing on our roof. They managed to get over our house, but never made it to the parking lot they were aiming for a few blocks away from us.

It was really fun to watch them navigate the landing and then the deflating and packing up of the balloon. I think it was the most exciting thing to happen on Trinity Way since Atti was born! Unfortunately, Sam and Elias were having a sleep over at Grannie's house and missed the whole thing. Maybe Atti will remember it and tell them all about when he learns how to talk!


Barbara said...

WOW! That must have been very exciting. Great pictures Jeff.
Grandma B

Chris said...

That is so cool!! You should have stolen it and flown east!!!