Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Yesterday was a fun filled day. We finished up some last minute decorating in the morning, went to a fun party in the afternoon, and rounded it out with three hours of trick or treating. Well, Atti and I didn't last that long, but the big boys really pounded the pavement this year. We already turned in the majority of our loot to the dentist- the cash for candy program is a hit with parents and kids alike! Grandma B is visiting from Iowa, which makes this year's celebrations (also Atti's first) extra special!

Forestman Sam with friend Theo (Harry Potter).

Indiana Patch with two friends at the party.

Atti in his hand me down Tigger costume.

Atti, exploring our cauldron full of eyeballs.

Our visiting witch.

How much candy did we get this year? I can tell you actually- Patch got 3 lbs. and Sam brought in an impressive 8 lbs.!!

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Jill + Sada said...

my new favorite picture is that cluster of 3 boys in costume! awe-some! what were mom & dad dressed up as??