Monday, March 15, 2010

14 months

Spring seems to have arrived in the Napa valley. We went to the beach yesterday and today had all the windows open to let in the warm, sweet smelling air. Sam had baseball practice this evening- a sure sign that spring has arrived- and Atti and I were outside at 7pm doing a little yard work. While I missed my hour of sleep Saturday night, I sure have enjoyed the long, sunny evenings.
Tomorrow Atticus will be 14 months old. He seems to be growing so fast these days- I can feel his babyhood slipping away as the toddler emerges.

In general he is easy going and lots of fun. Unless you take away his toy or deny him access to your phone or remote control. Then, watch out! Little boy has a temper and isn't afraid to let it fly. He loves to look at books- this is without doubt his favorite activity. Actually, he mostly just likes the activity of emptying bookshelves, but flipping through the books on their way to the floor is mildly interesting too. He makes us all laugh with his funny faces and melts his mama's heart with his sweet, wordless singing. He is really just delicious.

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