Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hello again

I know things have been very quiet here at the Mosherboys blog. Our camera broke a while ago and I spent a long time in denial about that fact. The camera was relatively new and I felt it broke way too soon. Apparently this is just how it is these days- things are made cheaply and they break very easily, even if they are taken care of. Very frustrating. Especially for those of us with frugal natures, for whom a $200 camera is BIG purchase. Anyway, we are still without a camera. We tried to get our old one fixed, but that is apparently also some kind of racket. So, we are now, begrudgingly, back in the camera market. Any suggestions???

Here are a few cute, but old photos from the beginning of the summer to sustain you until a new camera comes our way.


Gideon said...

Not sure what kind of camera you had, but Canon has a great program where you can send in your old (broken) camera and they will give you a discounted, refurbished camera. We did this twice!

locomo said...

you could move near us.. we have lots of cameras!!

Jill + Sada said...

Nice to see those cute faces again! Good luck with the camera situation!

sam, elias, atticus said...

thanks for the suggestion Gideon! your such a savvy little boy!

locomo- i would love to live near you, but haven't you heard-the west coast is where its at!!

thanks gaj! are we going to see you this winter??