Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Somehow my middle child, my brown boy, turned 5 today. And he is so grown up too! I just filled out his kindergarten entrance paperwork for next year, marveling all the while at the incredible speed of aging children. You always hear about how hard it is to be the middle child, and I'm sure it does come with it's difficulties and hardships, but most days, I feel that Patch is so lucky. He has this amazing older brother to look up to, who still loves to play with him and cuddle with him every night. And he has this crazy little brother, who makes him giggle, and teaches him how to be gentle and take care of someone smaller than he. In my opinion, he has made out ok. And we are so so lucky to have him. He is so sweet and loving, always ready with a hug or a kiss. I love his imagination and independence. He is incredibly funny and says the most hilariously ridiculous things. I wish I could think of a really good one to share with you now, but it's been a long week and my brain is pretty tired of thinking of things to say. He did say in the bathroom tonight, while we were getting him ready for bed, "I am so done with 4." And he is. He is ready for new adventures and challenges. Bring it on 5!