Monday, September 12, 2011


Ah, Patch. It's hard to know where to start. He is, as you can see from these pictures, one of the sweetest boys in town. He loves to snuggle and hold hands and have innocent, philosophical discussions about all sorts of random topics. He is also easily irritated, occasionally melancholy, and very distractible.

He is now 5 and in kindergarten at a lovely school where they teach the kids how to bake bread, knit, and speak spanish. He thinks it is all a bit of a yawn and would, most days anyways, rather stay home and hang out with me.

For most of this summer he looked like this:

And we are all so, so glad that the cast is finally off!! (8.5 weeks and 4 different casts!). I must say that he handled it well, but, really, what a drag. For the whole family. Next summer, we will be keeping Atti in a padded room, because, quite frankly, I don't think I can handle 3 consecutive summers with a broken limb in the family.