Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Be back soon!

Tomorrow morning, I'm off on an eagerly awaited mini vacation to celebrate my cousin's wedding in NY. It's been years since I've gone away by myself, and I am SO excited (don't tell my children!). One benefit of being a busy mom is that you actually look forward to the plane ride- 6 luxurious hours all to myself!! Don't even try to talk to me, seat mates, as I have all I need with my book, my ipod, and my knitting.

I am also looking forward to visiting with my east coast family. Catching up in a relaxed fashion that will involve me actually completing my sentences, without being interrupted by a small person and their litany of never ending needs and desires.

Wow, I sound like I really need this break, huh?

I love being a mom. It has truly defined my adult life. But it is hard. There are many days when I find myself counting down the hours until bedtime, when I am just dying for a few quiet moments. A stay at home mom does not get paid, and often, does not get thanked. The boys never say at the end of a hard day, "Great job mom!" or "Hey- you really handle that well!" I know that they love me, and do appreciate me in their own boyish way. And they are such sweet, special little guys, each in his own way. They make me laugh and shower me with kisses each and every day. And I love them so much, it hurts sometimes!

But every once it a while, mama just needs a break! So, thanks to Jeff for arranging his schedule to accommodate this trip of mine. And thanks to Jake and Melissa for getting hitched. Can't wait to celebrate with you two!

Here are a few fall themed pics, from a recent trip to the pumpkin patch, to hold you over until my return.

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