Saturday, November 24, 2007

High Flying

For my birthday this year, Jeff arranged for us to go on a two hour flight in a little 4 seat propeller plane. It was so cool! We flew north over the whole Napa Valley, then "took a left" over Calistoga and flew out to the ocean. We continued south and then flew right over the Golden Gate Bridge and SF bay. The valley was beautiful, with all the vineyards in their fall colors and flying over the bridge and by SF itself was just amazing.

Here we are with the plane.
The lovely Napa Valley, with Mt. St. Helena in the background.
A newly built winery, masquerading as a medieval castle.

Here comes the city! Check out the cool fog.
Our beautiful city.
Nice shot, Jeff!

I'm flying!!! What a great birthday present!


Amy said...

That is such a cool present from you husband. Go Jeff and Happy Birthday Month pilot!!

Chris said...

Amazing! What a great gift and experience. Next time, tell the pilot to turn right and head east!!!