Friday, November 30, 2007

Parental Milestone

Yesterday Jeff and I hit a dubious milestone in the life of a parent- the first trip to the emergency room. Elias, intrepid little soul that he is, climbed up onto his train table and then promptly fell off backwards, smacking his head on a bookshelf on the way down. Jeff was out dropping Sam off at school, and I had a few panicked moments trying to gauge the severity of the wound, while racing around looking for Patch's pacifier, which are never easy to find on a good day! Once Jeff returned we quickly ascertained that a trip to the hospital was in order and off we sped. Less than two hours and three stitches later, we were back at home. Elias was a little trouper and seems to be healing quite nicely.
Unfortunately, the incident has not seemed to curb his passion for climbing...

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