Sunday, January 6, 2008

Back to December...

As I mentioned earlier, we were lucky enough to have family with us for the Christmas holiday- the first time in all the ten years we've lived in California! We were very excited to share this special time with the boys' two "Iowa Grandmas", Barbara and Jane, and with their aunt Sara, who came from grad school in Tucson. We all had a really wonderful time together, barring a few colds, one throwing up episode, and a bout of conjunctivitis. Ah, the winter season with kids! We did lots of fun playing around the house- Sam had both his Grandmas suited up as pirates and sailing the seas with him. Elias loved all of our visitors, but really bonded with Auntie Sara. He is still wandering around the house looking for her! It was so fun to share the joys of Christmas with our family- they really loved watching the kids open their presents and experience the special magic that is Santa!
Thanks to everyone who sent cards and gifts to us- they boys really loved everything they received, and we all enjoy reading the cards and catching up with friends and family who live far away.
Here are a few more random shots from this year's holidays.

These two photos represent Patchie's far and away most favorite holiday activity, known as "Elf Yourself". Many of you probably experienced it yourselves this season, but for those of you who missed it, I will explain. It is 4 elves doing this fabulous little dance in the snow that you can paste your own heads onto, thereby "elfing" yourself. It only took one viewing for Elias to become obsessed, and he demanded to watch us dance many times everyday. Really, I don't think anything has held his attention like this since he weaned himself!!

All Elias asked for from Santa was one lollipop. He is an easy kid to shop for! Sam's pop is not from Santa, but leftover from Halloween. Yes, we still have Halloween candy in the house. Sigh.

The boys with their beautiful stockings, knit for them by their Grannie.

Christmas morning. By the way, that's Sam's new skateboard, not Elias'!!

Reading with Auntie Sara.
Marble Run!!
Sam, looking beautiful.

And now fierce!
Elias, looking cute.

Patchie, in his brand new Grannie socks.
Aren't they beautiful?

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