Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Mosherboy first

Atti, at not quite three months, is already breaking new ground, going where no mosherboy has previously gone. He is really such a trailblazer! We are pretty dedicated co-sleepers around here and I will strongly advocate for this arrangement, especially for the breastfeeding mama. I mean, who wants to get up in the middle of the night to get her baby, and then have to get back up to put said baby back into the crib after nursing??? Certainly not me! But this time around, what with our bigger house, and the two older boys running around, I felt like we needed a some sort of secure baby holding apparatus, one where he could be safely off the ground and contained. And lo and behold, it seemed that just the perfect thing had already been invented. Yes, this mosherboy has a crib!
We borrowed a lovely crib from a friend, got a nifty, brain stimulating mobile, and guess what- it works! You can put him in the crib and then, get this, safely leave the room and do something else! He'll totally still be there when you get back! Atti loves having time on his own, kicking around and cooing at his fascinating, contrasting colored mobile.

exhibit A

Even more groundbreaking is this- the baby has actually been known to sleep in the crib! Not for any real extended periods of time, of course, and not through the night, but for his little "pop naps" as we call them around here, the crib seems to be the perfect spot! Who knew?

exhibit b

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