Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Royal Weekend

So this was kind of a rough weekend here at chez Mosher. Jeff was away and almost all of us came down with an icky spring cold. Luckily Grannie and Grandpa were here to help me out and keep me sane with some grownup conversation and fresh salad greens. And also, there was this little event over in England that you might have heard about.
I was totally blase about the wedding in the weeks leading up to it, and barely gave all the press coverage a bit of thought. But, man, once I saw Kate in that beautiful dress, looking so radiant, and happy, and poised- I was hooked. Every time I needed a little break this weekend, a little peaceful "me" time, I would check out of single parenting and check into the wedding. I learned all about British royal wedding rules and traditions, drooled over the carriages and tiaras, swooned over the sheer romance and elegance, and giggled at some of those crazy hats (you know the ones!). It was such a lovely escape and truly became my happy place this weekend.

I'm sure you have all had your fill of the event at this point, but in case you somehow missed it:

Jeff is home now and we are all feeling better. Except now I'm thinking I might relocate to England. Harry is still a bachelor after all...

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