Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Mayhem

Guess how we spent our Memorial Day? Here, how's this for a clue:

Yep, Atti had his first, and hopefully last, trip to the ER yesterday. He had a classic run in with a coffee table that ended up with his teeth through his bottom lip. Youch!!! Poor little guy was just a sad bleeding mess when I had him checked out by our paramedic neighbor. And it was off the the hospital with us. Fortunately the cut was already healing up great 4 hours later when we were finally seen by the one ER doc on duty. He decided that stitches were probably not necessary as Atti's super human healing power was already in effect. The nurse cleaned him up and sent us on our way, with a prescription for penicillin and instructions to come back if it opened up again or started oozing puss. Thanks for the insight, Kaiser!!

Here is our boy. Aw, such a sad little mug.

And here is one tired mama, holding on tight! Atti is continuing to heal well and is able to eat no problem. He has also taken to saying periodically, "My bang is ok!", which is pretty darn cute!

An interesting and ironic side note to this story is that Sam also has a fat lip and cut up mouth, a result from colliding face first with a glass slider door. This happened a mere 12 hours before the Atti incidence. How's that for odd? Sam is ok- he was pretty shaken up by the experience of course, but he didn't go all the way through his mouth, like A did. We are sharing the penicillin all around, and keeping Patch in a padded room for the time being.


Jill + Sada said...

Give that sweet mug a kiss for me!


Cute kids...