Friday, August 24, 2012

End of an era

I am so proud of my boy, Sam. He donated over 12 inches of gorgeous, platinum blond hair to Locks of Love today.

In the chair, a little apprehensive!

The flowing locks!

First cut

 Almost there!

Woo hoo!

Although this is something we've been talking about and mulling over for ages, we ended up doing it spontaneously and on the fly, therefore garnering some great reactions. Like this, when we surprised Grannie at the yarn store:

And later that day, when Jeff got home from the grocery store:

Patch had by far the most bitter sweet reaction- he cried. A lot. He couldn't say exactly why, but I think it was for a whole bunch of complicated emotions, mostly tied to his own identity as a long haired boy and his love for and desire to emulate Sam. I gently reminded him that this was a big deal for Sam, and that he, Patch, needed to support his brother. I also told him that he now holds the title of longest haired person in our household. He liked that.


locomo said...

There are 4 dropped jaws in this house!! Great job Sam - you'll make someone's day with that hair!

Despite this massive chop, I think Sam's hair is still longer each of us :)

Jill + Sada said...

Wow - a big exciting move - Congrats SAM! That is some gorgeous hair & Patch, I think I would miss it every day too, but Congrats! to you for having the longest hair in the family now! xxooxxooxxoo all around!