Friday, August 10, 2012

Our incredible plum tree

We are lucky enough to have some mature fruit trees on our property, the most prolific being our plum tree. I think it produces mostly green gage plums, but it is a grafted tree and has a few different varities on it.  The tree had an absolutely amazing, overwhelming amount of plums on it this year. We literally could not pick them fast enough. We gave them away, ate them daily, occasionally threw them at each other. But we could just not keep up. Last week we sent the boys out there to pick a few pounds, which Jeff then turned into some delicious jam. 

Plum farmers

 Testing the wares

Sam, "overseeing"

The fruits of their labors


Jill + Sada said...

OMG - fruit trees are such a foreign idea to me! Amazing!! Lovely pics! xxoo

locomo said...

now that's what i call local food - yum!