Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Quote of the Day

It's spring time, and my boys are growing with the season! Their appetites have increased and they seem to need more calories these days. They were hungry after dinner the other night and both demanded spoonfuls of peanut-butter (yes, multiple spoonfuls). Tonight they both ate a good dinner, but were again asking for more food as we were cleaning up after our meal. Thinking that they needed more protein, I suggested hot dogs. A resounding "Yes!" came immediately from both parties, followed by Sam saying, "Mom, fire two hot dogs!"
Now, for all of you who have never had the pleasure of working in a restaurant kitchen, this is what the chef says to the line cook when an order comes in. We had just recently eaten at Julia's Kitchen, and apparently Sam was paying close attention to what his Dad was up to while we ate!
And for all those inquiring minds out there, yes these were real, meat hot dogs, not tofu pups. The boys have both had the real deal at friend's houses and seem to prefer them to the weird, rubbery, non-meat version. So, I am now happily preparing meat hot dogs for them. And turkey bacon. And making home-made chicken fingers. How times change...

Here are a couple of funny/cute sleeping shots thrown in for good measure.

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