Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Passover in Tahoe

Sam, Elias, and I were lucky enough to spend last weekend in Tahoe with Morgan, Rachel, Milo, Rachel's mom Judy, and various other members of Rachel's extended family. A couple of Rachel's cousins live in Tahoe, so her family congregated there to celebrate Passover together. We were so happy to be included in the festivities. It was great to meet some of Rachel's family and hang out in beautiful Tahoe for a few days. The highlight, though, was definitely seeing the cousins together for the first time. Sam, Patch, and Milo will make a formidable team some day! While I haven't lost hope that we will have a baby girl in our midst someday (Mo and Rachel, I'm thinking of you guys here), it is pretty darn cute to see those boys together. Milo is just the sweetest, happiest little guy that I've met in a long time, and just so adorable with his strawberry blond hair and big brown eyes. My two boys were both gentle and loving with their baby cousin- giving him hugs and kisses, and sharing toys. Hopefully the trio will be able to spend lots more time together in the future!

Kazoo-ing cousins!

Reading with "CocoMo."

Cooking cousins- another favorite activity of the two youngest members of our party!

Milo- so sweet.

Crawling cousins. And, yes, I did dress Elias occasionally over the course of the weekend!

Do these boys look related or what??

Silly Daddy!

Yes! There is Ben and Jerry's in Tahoe!!

On our way to the Seder. Not a very good shot, I know...maybe someone else has a better one??Big standing Milo.

Sam was the co leader of our Seder, along with Rachel's fabulous cousin Rebecca. Here he is peeking out from behind an enourmous piece of matzoh.

Elias looks pretty good in a yarmulke.

Happy Passover everyone!!

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