Friday, May 2, 2008

Go Giants!

We trekked down to SF on Monday night to watch the Giants play (and beat!) the CO Rockies. We had a very fun time- we had great seats and lots of ballpark food. We got to the game early so we could watch some of batting practice and check out the kid's area, which turned out to be very entertaining for all.

First stop was at the store to check out some merchandise.

Then we headed up the kid's area. Here are the boys waiting for their chance to bat and run the bases in the mini Giant's field.

Check out all the Giants hats on these boys- yes, we bought some for Sam and Patch too.

Sam was first at bat for the Mosher team. Nice stance!

He swings,
And it's good! A home run!

Elias is up next, with a little help from Dad.

He bunts!

And runs the wrong way around the bases, stopping between third and second to throw his hat in the dust.

We finally make it to our seats for the opening pitch. Here is Jeff, explaining some of the finer points of the Game to Patch, who really just wants to know what we are eating next.

Sam. ready and waiting for that fly ball. (It never came our way).

Cheering...or heckling, I can't tell.

What's up there?

We had fun!

Even if just with the new hats.


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