Thursday, July 16, 2009

6 months

As Elias would say, "What da heck! How did that happen?" Suddenly Atti is 6 months old, a whole half of a year. It has gone by so very quickly- it's kind of scary.

I swear just a minute ago he looked like this:

And this

And this

He was so small and precious. Such a beautiful newborn who slept SO much and fit into your arms perfectly, this tiny, warm little bundle. I just loved having this new sweet smelling baby. And, now 6 months later I get to have Atti, whose personality is starting to emerge, whose voice is getting louder as he demands to be heard above the ruckus caused by two older brothers. Who maybe doesn't sleep as much (or anywhere near as much, truthfully), but who is no less adorable because of it. He only becomes more lovable as I get to know him better. Atti has a smile that is like the sun and a laugh that can brighten up your whole day. Truly. It can.

I am often told what a cute baby he is, so happy and smiley, as he grins at them, toothless and drooly. And I can only say, "Yes, I know. He is." Which always sounds kind of conceited or weird to admit, but really- look at this kid.

I mean, clearly I have no perspective, but I don't think they make them much cuter! Or I don't anyway! He is very happy, except when he is not, and then watch out! Atti has a scream that can damage ear drums. He also has this shriek that is actually a happy sound, a crazy, joyful yell that can probably break glass. But I love it. I love that he thinks life is so fun and cool that he just has to yell from the sheer joy of it all. He loves his brothers so much and thinks they are incredibly funny and entertaining. Which they are, naturally. And they love him back and still want to hold him and kiss him and bring him toys. Just last night Sam came in to wish us goodnight as usual. He gave me a kiss and then leaned over to kiss Atti, who was nursing and mostly asleep. "Good night Atti," Sam whispered, "You most awesome little guy."

Att is getting better at sitting up on his own, but doesn't seem to be in any big hurry to master it, which is just fine by me. I remember all too clearly what comes next, which is full on mobility, which is nothing but trouble. He has discovered his feet- endless entertainment and such handy things to hold on to! He loves to be held and kissed and cuddled and tickled. He likes going for walks and splashing in the tub. Most of all he loves nursing, which is fine by me, as it has created the most delicious assortment of rolls, double chins and fat all over this baby! Yummy.

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