Monday, July 13, 2009

Summer, so far

There's not been much blogging going on around here lately, in case you hadn't noticed. Things are busy, what with everyone home again, no school, myself back to work, albeit it very part time, and things being more hectic at the winery for Jeff. But, all is well in the Mosher household. We are enjoying summer- it's been lovely in Napa so far. We've had just a few minor heat spells, right now being one of them, but otherwise it's been remarkably cool and comfortable. I have a whole slew of pictures to upload, edit, and then post here, but keep running out of the time to do so. Atti, still a sweet, delicious, lovable baby has fallen slightly out of favor around here as he has reverted to a newbornesque sleeping schedule. In fact I think he is waking up more through the night now, then he did when he was an actual newborn. Is it teeth, is it a growth spurt, is he just mad at me? I don't know, but it is tiring me out!! So, to sum it all up, I'm hot, tired, but happy. The boys are all sleeping and I am about to follow them into bed. How's your summer going?

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Chris said...

Yay for updates! I love your posts and while they make me feel guilty for being a sucky blogger there is nothing I like better then seeing your boys in all their glory!! Don't worry, you will sleep again!