Thursday, September 6, 2007


Here are a few pics of Sam on his way to his very first day of kindergarten. It is hard to believe that my baby is actually in elementary school! These past 5 years have really sped by- full of laughter, playgrounds, naps, and snacks.

And now a new adventure begins for us all. Sam was a little nervous the first day- he seemed a bit shy and hesitant upon entering the classroom, but after giving us all big hugs and kisses he was ready to say good-bye. He told me afterwards that he felt like "his stomach had been turned inside out" at first, but after he got busy doing a drawing he felt much better. By the 2nd day he had made a few friends, and now is pretty much old hat at this whole kindergarten thing!

The school seems wonderful and I am so far very pleased with everything I've seen there. The teachers are very loving and sweet with the kids and really work towards a gentle rhythm to each day. They bake bread and make soup once a week, mold with beeswax, and play on tree stumps and hay bales. It's all play-based, with learning coming through sensory play, songs, and stories. He is only there for a half day, coming home after lunch at 12:45, which is just what we wanted for his first year of "real" school. So far, so good!

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