Saturday, October 6, 2007

Have bike, will travel

After realizing that Sam's new school was only one mile away from our house, I decided that I would try and bike him there as often as possible- the only problem being that I had no bike and no trailer...This was easily rectified though! I found a great used Burley trailer on craigslist and purchased a brand new bike for myself (my first new bike since I got one as a high school graduation present from my parents!). Both boys fit nicely in the trailer and enjoy zipping around town with me. I love being back on a bike, and pulling the two of them, plus the weight of the trailer is great exercise. It also feels very good to be making this environmentally beneficial decision, especially one that I can share with Sam and Elias. Plus, they look very cute in the trailer with their helmets on!

1 comment:

Rachel said...

they ARE cute in are cute too in your helmet! is there anything better than craigslist?